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      2. 歡迎光臨昆山宜諾優佳建筑工程有限公司
        銷售熱線: 139 6410 5500

        U型玻璃設計酬勞10元平方米 The reward for u-shaped glass design is 10 yuan per square meter



            很高興認識您!首先祝您工作順利,身體健康!祝愿您的事業蒸蒸日上,欣欣向榮! 我們熱情地邀請您認識U型玻璃,了解U型玻璃!并向您鄭重承諾:U型玻璃設計酬勞10元/平方米。 


            因此, 國務院下發1992(66)號《加快墻體材料革新和推廣節能建筑意見的通知》。1996年,全國墻體改革工作會議號召“大力發展、推廣應用節能、節地、利廢的新型墻體材料刻不容緩”。國務院辦公室2005(33)號《關于進一步加快墻體材料革新和推廣節能建筑意見的通知》強調執行。 







              (4 )、產品特點:1、采光性好、隔熟保溫、隔音防躁。2、機械強度高、防老化、耐光照。3、造型為條幅型,具有挺拔、清秀、線條流暢的時代氣息,并具有獨特的裝飾效果。4、安裝方便。 


        Dear designers,
        Nice to meet you! First of all, I wish you a smooth work, good health! Wish you a thriving and prosperous career! We warmly invite you to know U glass and understand U glass! And solemnly promise to you: u-shaped glass design reward 10 yuan/square meter.
        In the United States, Germany, France and other developed countries, using new wall materials in construction has reached to 100%, and the wall system reform in our country for nearly half a century, makes our country has thousands of years of history "QinZhuanHanWa" give up 15.3% of the territory in the construction industry to the new wall materials, to date, 84.7% "QinZhuanHanWa" is eating into our precious arable land, energy, pollution of our environment.
        Therefore, the state council issued the 1992 (66) notice on accelerating the renovation of wall materials and promoting energy-efficient buildings. In 1996, the national conference on wall reform called for "the urgent development and application of new types of wall materials that save energy, land and waste". The notice of the state council office 2005 (33) on further speeding up the renovation of wall materials and promoting energy-saving buildings emphasizes implementation.
        U type glass is a kind of very special glass profile that USES calendering method to produce, its appearance and channel steel are same, also call channel type glass so, the surface is made of wool face commonly, pervious to light does not see through. U-glass co., LTD. In 1997 exclusively introduced the German u-glass production technology and equipment, built China's first u-glass production line. The development trend of modern architecture, in the application of glass, has gone beyond the traditional sense of the "window" trend, began to be widely used in the external wall, internal wall partition and extend to the balcony, corridor and even roofing and other ancillary buildings.
        U-shaped glass in the design of The Times for the purpose of grade, to strong and durable, safe and reliable as the standard, in order to improve the after-sales service for the purpose of social investment, to create value for customers!
        Product description:
        (1) u-shaped glass, a new type of wall profile glass, is recommended by the ministry of construction for residential construction.
        (2) use: the product can be used in the external wall of buildings, internal wall partition and balcony corridor, to the roof and its ancillary buildings.
        (3) scope of application: mainly used in industrial production houses, residential complex buildings, modern high-rise buildings, garden villas, agricultural greenhouses, sports venues, etc.
        (4) product features: 1. Good daylighting, heat insulation, sound insulation and mania prevention. 2, high mechanical strength, anti-aging, light resistance. 3, the shape of the banner, with tall and straight, comely, smooth lines of The Times, and has a unique decorative effect. 4. Easy installation.
        The reward for u-shaped glass design is 10 yuan per square meter




        手機:139 6410 5500

        銷售熱線:139 6410 5500




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